Talent management that drives sustainable growth.

TMA provides an all-in-one talent management method to develop people's competences on the basis of their natural talents.

People should do the work they love to do. Always.

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All, in one subscription.

Here's a selection of what our method and software offers


Talent Analysis, Cognitive Capability Assessments, Job Interest Assessments

Competency Library with 53 competency's

Competency Assessments

Feedback assessments

0 | 90 | 360 feedback
Supervised and unsupervised

Performance matrix

Tangible tool for enhancing and developing people

Personal Development Plan

Develop competency's over multiple levels in a continuous and sustainable rhythm.


For individuals, teams, managers and Human Resources


Send out questionnaires, using our templates or create one yourself.

Career Advisor

The career advisor guides people towards a new career, based on the data of the TMA Analysis.

Talent Pool

This tool matches the talents of people with competency sets. Have a qualitative virtual bench always available.

Hire, develop and retain talent

TMA is based on positive psychology and is non-judgemental.

The TMA Method connects organizations with employees and impacts yearly more than 1 million persons. TMA Method structures development of talents, competencies and career insights.

Available licenses

For Teams For OrganizationsFor CoachesFor Partners
Type of LicenseNon-CommercialNon-CommercialCommercialCommercial
Branded portalThe portal will be branded with logo of the organisationAvailable from 10+ subscriptions
Access to all data, assessments, analysis and features
Certification requiredNoExpert Certification
or Outsourced
Expert CertificationExpert Certification
Team Professional Certification
Number of SubscriptionsMin. 4No minimum requiredPer user | Per blockNot relevant
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TMA in 6 steps

Design a continuous talent management program that is aligned with organisations objectives.

Create clear expectations

Compile crystal clear behavioural indicators for specific job roles with the TMA competency profile. Check out the TMA Competency Library with 53 competences.

TMA Competency Library

Unveil Talents

Unveil the true talents of employees or candidates with the TMA talent assessments that chart 44 talents against 22 drives across 6 talent dimensions. Each talent is linked to 53 competencies found in the TMA competency library.

Check out the TMA Model

Mapping Competencies.

Assess, Develop and Monitor competency levels to get a more accurate picture of employee's performance.

Match on the future mode of (remote) collaboration

Collaboration is all about effective distribution of talents and competencies within a cohesive team.

Personal Development is the ticket to the future.

Utilise TMA tools and content for continuous, hands-on, effective development strategies.

Be Agile

Empower cohesive teams that are action driven, accountable and adaptable. HR can create a workforce that delivers on company objectives, individual and team expectations, while considering the overall welfare of the people.

What really made an impact is how TMA aligns our business objectives to our development plans, making it a continuous rhythm that helps us to reach our goals.
I can sincerely recommend to anyone to try out the Team Workout experience!

Douwe Hoekstra - CEO at SolutionWeb

TMA not only helps individuals identify their own talents, but their talent profile can be matched to the competencies of a desired role, ensuring an individual is working in a role that matches their talents.

Claire Hewitson - Career coach at Claire Hewitson Career Coaching

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