Our promise

Integral Talent Management by the TMA Method propels return investment by enhancing the performance of individuals, teams and the organisation as whole.

What is the actual return on investment of the TMA Method? Once the TMA Method is implemented as the core process to manage and develop the entire organization, TMA delivers return on investment in all kind of ways. We believe that the return on investment is the accumulation of aligned behavior, the swift way to determine and manage job profiles, the cost-efficient way of matching candidates with vacancy’s, the tools for managers and HR to manage employees and teams, the alignment of team members’ talents in a team, the quick access to the talent pool, the pinnacle of the TMA Method - the performance matrix to continuously drive personal development, the succession planning and right placement tools to drive employer branding.

Is there more? Yes, probably. Each client has it’s own start objective to implement the TMA Method. And the rest of the benefits reveals themselves along the way.

About TMA Nordic

TMA Nordic is the exclusive publisher of the TMA Method for Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Finland and Iceland. We are based in Copenhagen, Denmark.

Integrated Talent Management by The TMA Method is made available to organizations with our local service partners. Coaches and consultants use the TMA Method for custom-made development of individuals.

Together with our local partners we keep organisation’s performing and let people do the work the love to do! Always.

TMA international is a global company with partners all over the world impacting yearly more than 1 million people. More information about TMA on www.tmamethod.com.

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