TMA for Coaches

People should do the work they love to do. Always.

For that reason people should be aware of their talents. TMA is based on Positive Psychology and is non-judgemental. As a coach, you can give additional value by being able to place people's talents in the context of a competency profile.

Learn during one of our Masterclasses how you can implement TMA in your coaching business.


TMA in your coaching business

As a Coach you will have the right to sell the TMA Method to individuals by the use of your own branded TMA Portal. In the portal you have unlimited access to all the assessments and analysis. Your Candidate gets access to your own branded portal as well.

The TMA Method is not only a talent assessment. You can match its talents with our 53 competencies, build a personal development plan, perform supervised and unsupervised feedback assessments, get insights in learning styles and offer the cognitive and job interest assessment. But most importantly: you can build a trustworthy and long lasting relationship with your candidate.

TMA not only helps individuals identify their own talents, but their talent profile can be matched to the competencies of a desired role, ensuring an individual is working in a role that matches their talents.

Claire Hewitson - Career Coach and Owner at Claire Hewitson Career Coaching

Talent Assessment Dashboard

Stay in the loop of where your client stands by mapping their talents and competencies, with access to online detailed results and reports to assessments.

Talent radar

mapping talents on a 9 point scale for easy analysis of results.

Dedicated expert tab

Perform talent interviews easily and efficiently by using the dedicated expert tab in your online portal.

Talent aptitude

Understand how each talent is linked to the competencies and why that matters


Efficient Training

The type of development that includes interpersonal contribution, attention to most prominent talents and the relevance of competencies leads to extraordinary performance in the workplace.

Specific coaching advice

Tailored to specific competencies for relevant training and development.

Tailored development activities

Embark on development activities for your trainees that are specific to their needs and competencies.

Comunnication styles

Understand how to best communicate with candidates to bring the best out of them.


Competency Assessment

Understand and promote behaviors that suit your business.

Identify strengths

Identify competencies that are highly developed and capitalize on them.

Identify weaknesess

Make smart business choices and enhance development strategies by identifying which competencies to avoid.


Team Training

Build teams according to the future mode of collaboration, using talents as the focal point.

Solution strategies

Identify gaps in talents and competencies within a team and provide detailed solution strategies.

Team learning style

Cut time and energy on development resources by finding how the team learns best and design your training accordingly.

Competency ranking

Allow the team to work in their most talented areas.

Personalized Management System

Use all of all TMA tools and more within your very own talent management system, designed to cater to your needs.

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