Develop Yourself

With the Talent Analysis you become aware of your talents and drives, you'll have a one-hour talent dialogue with a TMA Expert and you get 12 months access to your own personal TMA Portal for further development.

Dkr. 1.995 per person incl. VAT

What can you expect?

Here is what we offer you when you book a Talent Analysis:

Talent Analysis

We map out your drives and talents and show you where your potential is. Good to know if you are looking for a job, planning a career switch, want to start an education, or if you just want to understand yourself better.

A Talent dialogue

In a one-hour talent dialogue, one of our TMA Expert's tap in on your drives and talents. The TMA Expert makes sure that you understand and recognise yourself in the outcome. If you require further coaching, we'll connect you to one of our specialised coaches.

Access to your own TMA Portal

The results of the Talent Analysis is published in your own portal. In this portal you can self-start a feedback process and make your own personal development plan.

Easy integration with your employer

If you like to take your development a step further, then we match your talents with the competency profile of your job. This requires that your employer supports TMA.

For who?

The Talent Analysis can be used for different reasons. For example a career switch or personal development. Here are some examples.


You are looking for the next step in your career. Or you want to make a career switch and discover your talents.

Choice of study

You consider for example a course or an MBA and you like to discover your talents.


You are managing a group of people, and you want to become more aware of your own talents.

Personal development

You like to develop yourself, and you are looking for an assessment that helps you discover your talents.


You are part of a team and you like to discover your talents and how your talents contribute to the other team members.

Book Develop Yourself

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