Drumroll... we're live!

Drumroll... we're live!

YES! Here we are announcing the launch of TMA Nordic! Goose bumps and actually a little scary to really get out there! But after a few months of hard work, training, talking, exploring, failing and doing it all again, we are ready to serve!

Claire Hewitson, Head of Career Services, MBA Programmes, Copenhagen Business School and owner of Claire Hewitson Career Coaching just passed her exam and is now the first Certified TMA Nordic Expert. Cortal Group, a company with a long history and lots of experience in the HR Industry became the first Nordic Commercial Partner.

Proud to have these fantastic people and companies onboard!


Of course we need to have a big crazy launch party! But modest as we are, we start off with a workshops on the 22nd and the 29th of April. In May we expect to organise our first global webinar, where different TMA Specialists from all over the globe will contribute.

Sign up here or have a look on our event calendar for workshops.


We have a truck full of possibilities to follow us. You can for example get a notification when we update the blog. Or sign up for our monthly news letter.

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We're about to launch a fantastic Integral Talent Management campaign. We need the help of our fans and in return we have a great offer in mind. Stay tuned!


Our next Certification is about to start. Coach, business consultant or an organisation who is ready to implement Integral Talent Management by The TMA Method? Give us a call or mail and we will get in touch with the speed of light.

We have been working hard on positioning TMA Nordic. Learn more here about The TMA Method. We represent the TMA Method in The Nordic region. That is Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Finland and Iceland. We serve organisations with Integral Talent Management and coaches and business consultants with our Talent Development Center.

Curious? Can't wait to hear more? Get in touch with us! Or have a look on our event calendar when there is a webinar or workshop you can follow.

Do the work you love to do!


Visit our TMA Talks Event Calendar and sign up for one of our webinars or workshops.

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