Feedback is a gift

Team Feedback

In the article 'Are you ready for 2022', we outlined the steps to have your team ready for 2022. In this article, we explain the various possibilities to start feedback assessments. Positive feedback is the process through which one person recognizes and appreciates another person's accomplishments and is fantastic to get. Negative feedback, however, can be hard to handle and, when poorly delivered, unhelpful.

As a leader, it is imperative that you have mastered proficient feedback technology. Without this, you will be lost in finding the right words and solutions to tackle issues for your employee or team. Read more about this in the article Talent Based Leadership.

Providing and receiving feedback is an extremely strong leadership skill that can be mastered ( Without feedback, people have no real idea of how their behavior and contribution are perceived and what could be done for personal development or improving performance and relationships. As Thomas A Harris has stated so nicely, it starts with a fundamental attitude.

Within TMA, we strongly believe in people's capability to self-direct personal development. But when is it time for feedback in the process of getting your team ready for 2022?

How was it again?

Step 1: all team members do the talent analysis

Step 2: After the validation dialogue, make sure the team members become aware of their talents and drives and let them share their skills.

Step 3: choose the competencies that lead to the strategical objectives of the team. Be aware that you select the competencies the team as a whole is talented for.

Step 4: now it's time to give feedback to each other. By knowing your current level of development, you can start training the competencies. Once you have received feedback, our software will show the level of development and talent through the TMA Performance Matrix.

Now it's time to start performing as a team. More about that next week!

Book the TMA Team Workout

TMA Nordic offers a team workout that we customize to the needs of your team. Not only is the team workout a sustainable way to create awareness of the team's talents and alignment of objectives, but it's also a significant first step towards strategic talent management for the entire organization. Book a meeting with us, and we'll assess your needs without any costs or obligations!

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