I have been leading my previous company for about 10 years. Started on my own, in a student apartment that I hired of a friend. I had no more than a flip-over and my laptop. My first client was a big, well-known Danish NGO. After recruiting about 150 students, I was able to start my first campaign with 4 of them. All 4 left after the first working day and I could start over again. The life of a start-up... You need to be resilient. 

But somehow, I managed and quickly I had about 35 students working for me every week. I did work weeks of 60-80 hours, but I managed and I had fun. After a few years I had 5 offices in Denmark and Sweden. Everything I did was after my best intention, with passion and authenticity. Leading and managing a company of about 20-25 FTE and about 150–200 part timers. My background? As a young man I finished Small Business Entrepreneurship at the University of Applied Sciences in Holland. And I have been engaged in several start-ups and a small advertising firm. I knew a few things about marketing. But to say that I was dressed to manage a group of people in multiple countries? 

Do you recognise this? How many people, who are good in their job, engaged, passionate and authentic, board as a manager and get the responsibility for a group of people, without a backpack of experience and knowledge, due to their success in their previous job? Does that mean that you automatically can manage? I would have loved some help back then...

I'm on a journey with TMA. The TMA Method would have been a gift back then. Right now, I'm sure it's a gift for many managers out there. I like to meet them, so I can share my story and help them and others, to do the work they love to do. Do you know someone who can use some help? Let me know!


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