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From guides on Talent based leadership to expert tips on aligning people with their organization, TMA Nordic's dowhatyoulove blog adds to the last piece of the "Are you ready for 2022" series; we have kick-started the year with a general overview of our most important 6 steps for a successful team development strategy (add link)

An overview of what we have previously discussed in our postings: 

  1. Set goals 
  2. Create awareness on shared talents among team members 
  3. Aligning people with their organization 
  4. Promoting feedback as a gift
  5. Personal Development as part of team performance
  6. Govern with a Rhythm of Business

1. Set Goals

To set the team's annual objectives, priorities, and KPIs for 2022 and plan this for each quarter, it is essential to determine the activities to empower the team's development and meet the quarterly priority.

2. Create Awareness

Part of the team-building process within an organization, creating awareness over shared talents among team members has a positively consequent effect on the chemistry and motivation of a team. 

3. Aligning people with their organization 

Thirdly, after setting up a team's shared talents, a team leader is expected to select the competencies and behavior that empowers the Team to meet quarterly objectives, priorities, and KPIs. From the TMA Competency Library, the result areas and competencies can be selected that align with the Team's goals, preferences, and KPIs. 

4. Promoting feedback as a gift

Feedback is essential in giving team members an idea of how their behavior and contribution are perceived and what could be done for personal development or improving performance and relationships. 

5. Personal Development as part of team performance

As a team lead/manager, choose which competency and training activity you would like to develop over sometime; then each Team member writes this in the Personal Development Plan tool. Each team can, at any time, request personal feedback from someone or the entire team. The data of this feedback will feed the growth monitor in the personal dashboard.

6. Govern with a Rhythm of Business

The fundament is there. The Team members know their own and each other's talents; the team has been performing throughout a certain period with the guidance of the activities and team competency profile. It might have been a great process without any hurdles, but there is a fair chance that it was a bumpy ride.

In order to keep the ride directed to the goal, we strongly advise you to design a meeting rhythm from the start. You might want to align with the Rhythm of Business of the entire organization. Here is an excellent example of a meeting rhythm that works.

We recommend that during the execution of the activities, the team members request feedback from each other to track growth. Besides that, we recommend spending half a day on reflection and intervention monthly. In that way, the team is taken out of the daily buzz, and lurking escalations can be prevented on time. Every quarter, a whole day for supervision should be reserved—a moment to train and learn. Soccer teams, for example, qualify 6x p/week. If there is no time for interventions and inner visioning, team development will be limited.

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