Aligning People with their Organization

Published by TMA Nordic on
Team Talent Performance Tips
In the article ‘Are you ready for 2022’, we outlined the steps to take to have your team ready for 2022. In this article, we state the following: 1. Set the team’s ann... Read more

How to prepare your team for 2022?

Published by TMA Nordic on
Team Preparation 2022
2021 is behind us and we can look forward to a new year. We hope you were able to relax for a few days at the end of the year to gain new energy for 2022. Likely you prepared for 2022 in the last quarter of 2021 and your team is aligned on 2022’s priorities. And if your team hasn’t done that yet,... Read more

Talent based leadership

Published by TMA Nordic on
(by André Blom, CEO TMA International, 2016) Leadership has been a topic since the dawn of days. Apparently humanity cannot exist without. In the earliest day people would bond and connect in order to survive to ensure daily food, safety and welfare to a certain extent. As there ... Read more

5 must-do’s to align your team

Published by TMA Nordic on
In the article ‘Is your team ready for 2022’ we wrote how to get your team in shape for 2022. But before you can align your team, there is a preparation work to be done. Read here 5 key elements to give your t... Read more

HR professional til små virksomheder søges

Published by Ted on
HR partner små virksomheder søges
Kære HR folk,Vi søger HR-professionals, som kunne være interesseret i at lancere et value proposition til mindre organisationer i samarbejde med TMA Nordic. Mindre organisationer har ofte behov for talent management og HR services, men har ikke ressourcerne til at gøre... Read more
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