“Some companies started on stay-dialogues, in other words, a dialogue to keep employees in their job.”

Finding the right way to deal with employee turnover

According to Dansk Industri, four out of 10 companies see labour shortages as the most significant growth challenge in 2022. Zetland published an article that summarizes the global resignation trends quite well and gives 4 qualified guesses why it affects Denmark. And as an employer, you better respond to this because you can’t afford your human capital to leave.

Employers should prioritize the employee first. TMA determines through a comprehensive analysis of someone’s drives and talents or, in other words, someone’s natural behaviour. The research describes who you are, what you stand for, and the environments in which you will flourish. With this data, TMA is able to compare the natural behaviour with the expected behaviour of the organization, in other words: the norm-setting. The expected behaviour is displayed in a set of competencies of a job profile.

TMA’s software will show to what extent someone is talented to deploy the expected norm. We recommend that someone is talented for >80% of the competencies; if a person has to deploy too many competencies that they are not talented for, the risk of stress or worse increases.

Companies evolve constantly. New developments, new customers, new colleagues, you name it. A once-a-year employee development dialogue (MUS) is an excellent way to get rid of people. But in all seriousness, of course, managers need to have a discussion at least every 3 months to follow up on employee development plans and check if someone is still thriving.

TMA allows managers to set a competency development plan with employees individually or even as a whole team. TMA is driven by manager and employee and governed by HR. Ongoing development is secured by an ongoing meeting rhythm or “Rhythm of Business”. With embedded tools like Feedback assessments, Personal Development Plans, and Competency Set Assessments, we ensure that natural- and expected behaviour stays aligned and employees constantly develop. So human capital can remain secured for the organisation, and career choices don’t come as a surprise, but as a part of the plan.

Organizations can purchase the TMA Method and platform by annual subscription. All tools included. 

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