Team Performance

Personal Development Plan

In the article ‘Are you ready for 2022’, we outlined the steps required to have your team ready for 2022; in this article, we follow up on the topic of team performance and what tools can be helpful for team leads/managers.

So the fundament is created. All team members have done the Talent Analysis, and the team’s objectives are determined. The team competency profile is set up to this point, as well as the activities required to meet the objectives are clear and prioritized. As a team lead/manager, choose which competency and training activity you would like to develop over a period of time. Each Team Member writes this in the Personal Development Plan Tool.

The PDP is a great tool to write down agreements, development activities, and KPIs between the Manager and the employee. By having a solid understanding of determining S.M.A.R.T. ojectives that contribute to team development, the team can develop competency and the activity.

Each team can, at any time, request personal feedback from someone or the entire team. The data of this feedback will feed the growth monitor in the personal dashboard.

Now that the team is put together, using their natural talents, developing their collective competency is necessary to obtain the team’s objectives. But how can you make this a process that repeats itself?

This is where Meeting Rhythm/Rythm of Business plays a role, stay tuned to learn more in our next week's blog!

In our next blog, we’ll talk about the power of a Meeting Rhythm or Rhythm of Business.

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TMA Nordic offers a team workout that we customize to the needs of your team. Not only is the team workout a sustainable way to create awareness of the team's talents and alignment of objectives, but it's also a significant first step towards strategic talent management for the entire organization. Book a meeting with us, and we'll assess your needs without any costs or obligations!

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