“Planning is not my talent, but a well developed competence.”

“Planning is not my talent, but a well developed competence.”

Jesper Gottschalck-Hansen, CEO and Founder of Cortal Group, expects there will come a larger demand on both organisation and employee when it comes to talent development. His ambition is to help Nordic organisations optimising all people processes to increase (bottom line) performance of organisations and improve people’s self-awareness and self-confidence.

Who? Jesper Gottschalck-Hansen Relation to TMA Nordic: Commercial Partner From: Greve, Greater Copenhagen, Zealand Occupation: CEO and Founder of Cortal Group What do you love to do? Enjoying hunting and nature.

How would you describe yourself? Dedicated, extremely enthusiastic, outgoing, I love to think strategically and can be extremely detailed. For some people this might be a bit annoying at times. In project management this level of detail is a real benefit. I‘m actually not talented in planning, however I developed this skill very well.

On 22/4 you are going to do an Integral Talent Management workshop with Ted, why should people participate in this workshop? The beauty of TMA is that organisations have the opportunity of using and reusing their staff’s data for talent development purposes. From the moment a candidate gets recruited, throughout the entire employee journey an individual’s data is available and used for continuous development. Traditionally, using candidate data stop as soon as the candidate has been assessed. For The TMA Method this is the beginning of talent development. Especially the XYZ generation demands personal development. They can get an insight and inspiration to improve their own competences. For these generations TMA is of great value. Organisations can start doing this today without too much effort. TMA makes a rather complex process, accessible. During the workshop we will explain and show how Integral Talent Management works during each step of the employee journey. It’s really fascinating. Sign up

Could you tell us about your previous job positions? I have been Managing Director of SHL Group from 2005 to 2009 gaining a lot of experience in psychometric assessments. I continued with psychometric assessments when I decided to establish Cortal Group. I have worked with i.a. Pi Company, Cubiks, SHL off course in all kind of context, from coaching to recruitment and HR Management. 

Could you do a short introduction of Cortal Group's team that will bring the TMA Method further in Denmark? Jeanette Hallundbæk, is owner of Hallundbæk Consult and former HR Director of several organisations. Jeanette brings a lot of experience and is certified in several psychometrics tools. Camilla Tvernø is Leadership Consultant Tvernø Consult and former Team Lead at Novo Nordisk. 

You have an enormous amount of experience and knowledge, what do you expect will change in the nearby future within talent development? There will come a larger demand on both organisation and employee when it comes to talent development. People expect organisations to take social responsibly and employees expect more and more of organisations to support them in their development. Especially for the upcoming working generation personal development is extremely important. How can you retain talent if you do not know what know an individual’s Preferences and Talents? You should be able to determine at the beginning of each employee journey if someone meets the values of the organisation, the culture and its mission and the competences that are needed to fulfil the job position. How can you have an agile organisation if you do not know your workforce? In other words, it becomes more and more important to align the expectations of the organisation and the individual, in order to meet the objectives of both the organisation as well the employee. 

What risk run companies without an individual talent development investment budget? Quick answer is that you risk talent leaving. People like to keep developing. Talent development programs benefit employer branding. Being able to have an open and individual discussion about succession planning is highly recommended. “How can we support you in your development objectives and ambitions?” Rather an open conversation with an individual than getting surprised by a resignation letter. How much companies should reserve on talent development is an individual and strategical choice. But not doing it, can be really of risk. Keeping and empowering talent has a better ROI than replacing the employee. 

When you look 10 years back, what are you most proud of? I’m most proud that I started Cortal Group and by that event, inspired my daughters with the same entrepreneurial spirit. And off course the freedom to help individuals and business in achieving their goals

Why did you choose to become Partner of TMA Nordic? I think TMA really makes data useable throughout the entire employee journey and easy accessible throughout the portal. This is how Integral Talent Management should be applied as a primary process in each organization. 

What's your ambition with the TMA Method? Cortal Group’s ambition is to help Nordic organisations optimising all people processes to increase (bottom line) performance of organisations and improve people’s self-awareness and self-confidence. At the same time we’ll help the Board of Directors to get visual insights on the organisation’s capabilities and culture.  

What do you expect from TMA? I expect that TMA assists me in my quest developing the market and support potential individual- and cultural requirements, flexible solutions and custom made business cases. 

Although the TMA Method already exists for many years, TMA Nordic just started The TMA Method-journey in the Nordic region: what would your advice for the coming year be to TMA Nordic? The TMA Method is a global brand, but requires local hands on the ground.

Can you paint the picture 5 years ahead for Cortal Group?  We’re a strong and experienced company with 5-10 employed consultants and a network of associates. We aim for presence in 3 more Nordic countries.

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