What would a world look like if everyone was working in their zone of genius?

What would a world look like if everyone was working in their zone of genius?

Claire's ambition is to help thousands of people to understand their true talents and helping them remove any self limiting beliefs they have so that they reach their highest potential. Claire currently works as Head of Career Services, MBA Programmes, Copenhagen Business School and she also has her own career coaching business Claire Hewitson Career Coaching.


Who? Claire Hewitson Relation to TMA Nordic: Certified TMA Expert From: Melbourne, Australia Occupation: Head of Career Services, MBA Programmes, Copenhagen Business School and Founder at Claire Hewitson Career Coaching What do you love to do? I love helping people to be the best version of themselves


Claire has worked across 4 different countries and 2 continents before she settled in Denmark. She currently works with the Copenhagen MBA that helps executives think through how they can leverage their new MBA knowledge with their past experience and natural talents. She has now also set up her own career coaching company to help others reach their potential in their careers. Her purpose with Claire Hewitson Career Coaching is to help people be the vest version of themselves and believes that the TMA method can be a very helpful tool in this process. On a more personal level, Claire describes herself as adventurous, empathetic and impatient. She has always had an interest in individuals development. She studied her Bachelor of Business, majoring in Marketing and Human Resource Management. She, however, worked in Marketing and Communications for 10 years before going back to do her MSC in Business Psychology at London Metropolitan University and launched her career coaching career at London Business School.

Claire Hewitson and Ted K. van Zwieten (TMA Nordic) give an online workshop for coaches and business consultants on the 29th of April at 12-13.00 hrs. Sign up if you are interest to hear more about The TMA Method and how you can apply it in you business.


Why did you choose to become TMA Expert? "I think TMA is a great tool to help people understand their true talents and when people are using their most natural behaviour is when they can be at their best. We talk a lot about people working in their zone of genius, I think The TMA Method can help people and organisations get closer to that point, more quickly!"

What's you next move with TMA? "I could see how TMA could be a really good vehicle for start ups that want to build their team. Obviously for many start ups they don't have the bandwidth to do this function so I could see how outsourcing this would make a lot of sense for them. I could help facilitate this process as well as help them set up their learning and development plans internally, which would make up another aspect of my business."

What is according to you unique about The TMA Method? "What I like with TMA is that it goes beyond just assessing a person's talents. You can then match this with job profiles which is really helpful when working with a client to explore career possibilities. It is a fantastic tool to work from to build a learning and development profile. I haven't seen such a comprehensive tool in one system."

Can you paint the picture for us where Claire Hewitson Career Coaching is in 3-5 years? "I hope to be helping thousands of people by helping them understand their true talents and matching them with organisations that allow them to work in their zone of genius."

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