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Read more here about our TMA Licenses. All Licenses require a custom made quote that takes the organisation's objectives with TMA, the size of the organisation and the amount of required subscriptions into account.

To get started with Talent Management we have a range of Programs and Masterclasses to Discover TMA.


Licenses for organisations

The Integral Talent Management License is supplied directly by TMA Nordic.
Implementation, certification, training and ad-hoc consultancy is supplied by our Certified Partners or by TMA Nordic.

Small BusinessMedium | Large | Enterprise
#Subscriptions (users)1-100100+
LicenseMonthly / Year / Multi-yearYear / Multi-year
PaymentMonthly / Yearly upfrontYearly upfront
Hosting fee per LicenseYearly upfrontYearly upfront
Access to all data, assessments, analysis and features
Branded portalThe Client's portal is branded with their own logo
Certification requiredTMA Expert Certification or OutsourcedTMA Expert Certification

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Licenses for coaches

Coaches can choose from 3 types of license's. All 3 licenses contain the right to use The TMA Method and its portal to coach and advice external individual candidates.

Talent Development Center
Flat fee
Talent Development Center
Talent Development Center
Min. amount of subscriptionsThe price is determined on the amount of subscriptions purchased.20+min. 10 flat fee1
PaymentYearly upfrontYearly upfrontPer subscription
Hosting fee per LicenseYearly upfrontYearly upfront-
Access to all data, assessments, analysis and features
Branded portalThe portal with be branded with the logo of the company.-
TMA Expert CertificationMandatoryMandatoryMandatory

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