Know Your Team

Get to know you own talents as well as the talents of your team members. If you’re self aware and you know how your colleagues tick, you can work better together to do the tasks and responsibilities that are expected of you.

From DKr. 2.995, - per person (excl. VAT)

Want to take development of your team one step further? Click on Develop Your Team.

What can you expect?

Here is what we offer you when you book a Know Your Team Workout:

An individual talent assessment for each Team Member

We map out your drives and talents and show you where your potential is.

A one hour talent dialogue

In a one-hour talent dialogue, one of our TMA Expert's taps in on the team member's drives and talents.

On The Line Workout

The ‘on location’ team workout called On the Line where we give the team insights in each others talents.

Access to the TMA Portal

12 months access for each Team member to their own TMA Personal Development Portal, management and HR get access to the TMA Portal

Talent advice dialogue

In a one hour talent advice dialogue with team management and HR we go through the team recommendations going forward.

Workout: Develop Your Team

This Workout includes everything from ‘Know Your Team’ but takes it one step further. In this Workout we also want to know the Team / Organization’s why, values, objectives, challenges etc.

Together with the team leader and HR we create a team competency profile based on the talents of the team members. In a second Team Workout we will align the team competency profile with the strategy.

This program is a great first step towards Strategic- and Integral Talent Management.

Price: contact us

What can you expect?

Here is what we offer you when you book a Develop Your Team Workout:

Everything from Know Your Team +

A team competency profile

that aligns the team with the objectives

Creating clear expectations of what is expected of the team

Do you have the right team composition?

The manager knows if he / she has the right team or that additional talent needs to be recruited.

Which Leadership style should be applied?

The manager receives a recommendation on the leadership style that supports the team, based on the data retrieved from the TMA Analysis.

Secure a Rhythm of Business

Together with the manager we create a rhythm to secure the team’s development on long term.

For who?

Sales teams

Align and develop sales teams with the roles and targets.

Management Teams

Align the Management Team with the strategic business objectives based on the collective Talents and Drives of the the team members

Leadership teams

Know and align the team members talents align the team's competencies with the team's objective. Know from the data which leadership model empowers the team.

Project Teams

These teams are often composed for a limited time. Make sure the team members know each others talents and that all the talents are onboard to meet the objectives of the project team.

Operational Teams

Know and align the team members talents align the team's competencies with the team's objective. Align the objectives with the operational targets.

Virtual Teams

When teams work together on a distance due to for example geographical distance or Covid, it's important to know the talents within team and to make sure that everybody is working towards the same objectives.

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