The fundament of The TMA Method

TMA maps out an individual's talents and connects these to the context of the individual's current occupation through a competency profile. By aligning the organization's expectation through a competency profile with the individual's talents, TMA lays the foundation for continuous talent development.

Integral Talent Management
by the TMA Method

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The TMA Method


The TMA Method connects organisations to individual employees, and individual employees to organisations. TMA recognises there to be 2 domains: that of the Organisation; including values, strategy, vision, goals, objective etc, otherwise known as Competency Management, and the domain of the Individual; including talents, drives, cognitive capabilities, values & norms, skills, experience and competencies, known as Talent Management.

Competencies are talents, drives, skills & abilities expressed as observable behaviour and contributes to individual and organisational performance. Competency Management therefore regards the organisational domain, enabling employers to create clear and concise expectations regarding specific roles that can be used in recruitment, selection, performance, development, appraisals, compensation and benefits.

Individuals, through their own lives and experience acquire natural talents, drives and strengths. These result in their own preferred behaviour, which is possible to observe and manage. Talent Management therefore concerns the Individual domain.

Talents are the Natural strengths that a person uses to get what he unconsciously wants. TMA identifies talents on 6 dimensions, including:
• Emotional Balance
• Motives
• Social Talents
• Influencing Talents
• Leadership
• Organisational Talents

'People perform better and are more involved when they work in line with their natural talents'

Alignment comes when preferred behaviour meets expected behaviour. The alignment of an organisation therefore does not just consider matching the correct person to the correct role in terms of their talents/ skills/ abilities, but also makes sure there are shared values present for longevity and the development of a new collaborative framework with a positive work culture.

TMA understands that If an individual does not hold the same values as the organisation, a good match cannot be made in the long run. Although an individual may have a specific talent, without the necessary drive, there is little chance for development.

A competency (behaviour) is made up of drives, which are interlinked with talents. Behaviours can be learnt and developed, but there must be motivation to do so.

Furthermore, TMA believes each and every Individual should be allowed and encouraged to work from their strengths. By doing so, employers allow an opportunity for Individuals to blossom, which will have positive direct effects on the growth of organisations as a whole.

Competency Management cannot exist without Talent Management, and Talent Management cannot exist without Competency Management.

The 6 Steps of The TMA Method



Create clear and Concise Expectations for specific roles using TMAs comprehensive competency library and with the help and input of a number of different stakeholders, including employees, managers, leaders, HR and more.


Create a new collaborative framework with a strong talent dialogue to enhance performance right from the start

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Get the right people to work together according to individual learning styles to encourage peer-to-peer learning and strengthen positive work cultures. Teaming concerns the Inclusion of all team members and the most effective use of talents.


Utilize and enhance talents, while avoiding pitfalls using TMA's unique performance matrices that will clearly identify the areas that should be developed according to the talents and competencies



Undertake proper training measures that align indiviudals needs with that of the organization. Continue to use the talents that exist and create an environment where new acquired skills can be used effectively.


Using psychometric analysis, along with Talent assessment tools, place your employees in the right role acording to talents, drives, ambitions and goals.


...or Outplacement

Benefit as a fair employer by supporting transitions outside your organization. Every individual has their own dreams and goals. Maintain an organization filled with driven and motivated individuals by retaining staff that wish to continue their growth within your organisation, or increasing employability for those that don't.

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