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Our TMA for Team's Workout is available from
4.449,- kr. +moms per team member, dependent on the size of the team.

TMA for Team's deliverables

After the TMA for Team's Workout your team will acquire the following results:

Talents and Competencies

The team’s talents and competencies are aligned with the team’s and organization’s objectives.

Focus on team objectives with impact

The team is aligned on the objective(‘s) that really make impact.


The manager & team members become aware of their own and each others talents.

Team composition

The manager knows if he / she has the right team or that additional talent needs to be recruited.

Leadership style

The manager receives a recommendation on the leadership style that supports the team, based on the data retrieved from the TMA Analysis.

Secure a Rhythm of Business

Together with the manager we create a rhythm to secure the team’s development on long term.

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TMA for Teams

#1 Briefing

Together with the Team Manager and HR we make a briefing of the assignment. In the briefing we describe the organisation, the team and the purpose of the TMA for Teams Workout.

#2. TMA Analysis

Through 170 questions, the candidate gets insight in its talents. TMA identifies 22 drives and 44 talents. Through the dashboard in the online personal portal the candidate’s development potential is displayed. The entire report can also be downloaded.

Learn more about the TMA Model

#3. Talent dialogue

By dialogue, the TMA Consultant and the Employee will go through all the drives and talents to secure secures that the employee recognizes him- or herself in the result.

#4 Team Workout 1

In the first Team Workout the team members will gain awareness about each others talents. Dependent on assignment / briefing we will do exercises that are related to the team members talents, how they can use them as a team and how these talents can be connected to the tasks and responsibilities of the team.

#5. Team Workout 2

First of all the Team Members will create common ground on the ambition of the team. All individual perspectives are taken into consideration.

The Team competency profile will be created by dialogue and with the support of the Competency Set Assessment Tool (CSA).

Next, the team will make a SMART activity plan that contributes to the team’s ambition and KPI’s and they will create a feedback and inter-vision rhythm, in accordance with the organization’s or team’s Rhythm of Business.

Learn more about the TMA Competency Library

#6. Debriefing with the management and HR

After the Team Workout 2 we will debrief the team leaders and hand over the development plan(s) and discuss the recommended leadership style to govern the team. On request, TMA Nordic can continue to support development or extend the TMA Method to other parts of the organisation.

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